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Google Maps Directions Search Workflow

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Hello all,


I've been working on a workflow I'd like to share which allows the user to quickly and easily carry out a Google Maps directions search on the web, via Alfred.


I'm not an expert and this would be the first workflow I've shared.


I've exported the workflow and assumed I could simply attach it to a forum post, but it seems that *.alfredworkflow files are not an accepted file type.


Any ideas on what I need to do to upload it?


Many thanks.

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You can't upload workflows to the forum. The best thing to do is to host them on GitHub (initial steep leaning curve, in my experience, but easy once you get the hang of things and certainly the best way to host a workflow). I guess you could share something like a Dropbox link as a temporary measure but in the longer term that won't really work because it won't cater properly for updates to the workflow.



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