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[Alfred 5.5] QuickPad – scratchpad, toggled with one hotkey

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Played a bit around with the 5.5 Beta and textview. Came up with this very simple workflow, consisting completely of building blocks provided by Alfred (no code).


  • It brings up a simple scratchpad via hotkey, and hides the scratchpad again with the same hotkey.
  • The file content can be saved via cmd+enter, and previewed via shift+enter.
  • Main caveat of this workflow is that cmd+enter is the *only* available method of saving the content – cmd+s does not work, and (as far as I can tell) it's not possible to have the note content saved when using esc on the text view.


Simple solution, which nonetheless replaced my need for a separate scratchpad app :)



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This great. I've built something similar and also have been futzing with a tot replacement that essentially triggers a filefilter that has five different scratch pad documents where the the write to text action appends plain text. Been looking at your tot workflow as a bit of a model.

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