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Wrong Desktop when switching Applications

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My problem is similar to the post I link to below.  However, mine has been a long standing issue so restarting machine/apps are not the solution.  When I Command+Space and say type "Discord" which is already opened and full screen on another desktop, it will take me to some random Desktop that Discord is not on but the Mac menu will say "Discord" as if Discord is now the active app, yet it is certainly not on the screen.  I have to go to Mission Control and manually swap to the desktop with Discord.  It isn't only Discord but a few other apps like "OmniFocus" and the worst is actually "Finder" as it rarely finds an open Finder window.  I do want to say it does not always do this behavior.  A lot of times it will Take me to the right Discord or OmniFocus or whatever screen but a lot of time it doesn't.  Any ideas?  Is this more of a Mac issue or an Alfred issue?






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@jhawsey Welcome to the forum :)


Which version of macOS and Alfred are you using? Alfred isn't involved in the Mission Control window management, but if we're on the same version of macOS, I can take a look at whether there are any Mission Control prefs that can be tweaked.

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Just checking if anybody else has had this issue.  It doesn't appear to be the mac taking to the wrong desktop because if I click the app in the doc it always takes me to the right desktop.  It is only when using Alfred to launch an app that is already active that I am taken to the wrong desktop

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