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Can't Copy Files into iCloud Drive via Symbolic Link (but can into subfolders)

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I'm using macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 with Alfred version 5.1.4 [2195].


My iCloud Drive folder is located at /Users/[myname]/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs (I assume this is the same for everyone using Sonoma).


The files and folders stored in my iCloud Drive folder are searchable within Alfred (which suggests to me that everything is working as it should, search wise).


I have no problems copying files, using Alfred, into this folder (when I find it by typing com~apple~CloudDocs) via the 'Copy to...' action having searched for a file, or when bringing up the action menu against a file in the Finder.


To make things more intuitive I created a symbolic link to my com~apple~CloudDocs folder. The symbolic link is located in my home folder and I have called it 'iCloud Drive'. I did this because beforehand a search for 'iCloud Drive' in Alfred did not bring anything up (only a search for com~apple~CloudDocs would bring up my iCloud Drive folder). This was despite the contents of my iCloud Drive folder being searchable in Alfred.


When I double-click the 'iCloud Drive' symbolic link in the Finder, or search for and open it through Alfred, I am taken to my iCloud Drive folder (at /Users/[myname]/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs) as you would expect.


If, however, I try to copy a file into the 'iCloud Drive' symbolic link using the 'Copy to...' action in Alfred, nothing happens and the file does not get copied into my iCloud Drive folder.


Strangely, if I navigate in Alfred into the 'iCloud Drive' symbolic link, then choose a subfolder of my iCloud Drive folder, the file does succesfully copy.


Does anyone have any idea how I can get this to work, please? Or know how I can get Alfred to find my iCloud Drive folder (not the symbolic link) by searching for 'iCloud Drive' rather than 'com~apple~CloudDocs' (that would mean I wouldn't need to bother with the symbolic link)?


Many thanks.

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Hello again,


Further to my entry above, I've done some more testing and it seems that when trying to use Alfred's 'Copy to...' action to copy a file, to a symbolic link of ANY folder (no matter where the folder or the symbolic link is) then it does not work.


So the whole iCloud Drive element of my query may not actually be a factor, if Alfred just doesn't like symbolic links to folders?



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