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2 minutes ago, moonshot said:

Or is there a workflow for this?

I guess that depends on how and where you save your screenshots that you wish to recall. For example:

  • Are they always saved into the same folder?
  • Are they always saved as PNGs?
  • Do they have some sort of standard filename?

More constructively, it would be easy to build a workflow that displays all PNG files in a specific screenshots folder—allowing you to select one and paste it into the frontmost app.



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Sadly I can see you on the video but the demonstration of what you wish to do is blank.


However, if you already have a workflow to open your screenshots folder and display the screenshots it may simply be a matter of adding to that workflow a Copy to Clipboard output (if appropriate checking the option to paste to the frontmost app). You may need to check what the default output option is from the screenshot display (see the commands at the bottom of the display) but it's possible one of them is already "Copy to clipboard”.


If all of this seems double Dutch (with no disrespect to the Dutch) it would be helpful to upload somewhere (like transfer.sh) the workflow you want to try to modify so we can see exactly what needs to be done.



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Posted (edited)

thanks so much! Sorry about the vid- it was not full screen.  I'm very green to workflows but this sounds like it could work.  I  tried using the the transfer.sh from the command line using


curl --upload-file /Users/davidrobinson/Desktop/open_screenshots_folder.alfredworkflow https://transfer.sh/open_screenshots_folder.alfredworkflow


but it failed: "curl: (7) Failed to connect to transfer.sh port 443: Operation timed out"


I've uploaded the workflow to a public page on notion - can you download it from here?



pasting a screenshot of the workflow for rerference

Screen Shot 2024-03-30 at 7.24.45 AM.png

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5 minutes ago, moonshot said:

I  tried using the the transfer.sh from the command line

You should just be able to drag and drop the workflow in transfer.sh.


6 minutes ago, moonshot said:

I've uploaded the workflow to a public page on notion - can you download it from here?

Not so far as I've been able to discover!


I'm a little involved cooking lunch just at the moment 😀 but in essence what you want to try (assuming you're using Alfred 5.5—which is the latest version) would be something based on my Search for PNGs workflow. You'd want to take various pieces of that (e.g. passing on folder contents, filtering them and the Grid View and Image View) and then linking the Image View to the Copy to Clipboard output.


Sorry this is not, for the moment, more helpful: I'm a little short of time! No doubt others can help if all of this is still challenging. Rest assured, what you want is do-able.



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Apologies for the earlier rush. While lunch bubbles away on the hob I've had time to be a little more helpful. I think something like this might work for you:




Automation Tasks are very helpful here.In the first one all you have to do is to choose the right task then click on the folder icon in it and choose your screenshots folder. Then when you press whatever hot key you choose the contents of that folder will be displayed in the Grid View. Press ⏎ on a selected image to see it in Image View and ⏎ again to copy it to the clipboard (using another Automation Task).


Does that help—or does it still feel too cumbersome?



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thanks so much! I took my first stab at a workflow. replicated what you did for the most part but I still cant make a "square" connector btw Grid view and Image view and unsure about configuration. I made a 54 sec loom and this time it's full screen so you will see it! 

PS (unrelated to this thread)I just got your Save text workflow. Appears useful. I have some questions on that but will start a new community thread. 



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@moonshot don't be discouraged: you're getting pretty close.

  • If you're starting with a keyword you don't need to complete the workflow configuration (when the workflow is for your own use). Simply double click on the keyword action and type the keyword you want to use.
  • Similarly, you can add directly the path to your screenshots folder by double clicking on the first Automation Task (Folder Contents


  • This shows you how to access the dialog to change the Alfred window behaviour:


Then just check the Window Behaviour box towards the bottom of the dialog. That will change the connector icon from a circle to a square.



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@moonshot you don't need to do anything more to copy the image to the clipboard: the final Automation Task in the workflow does that for you. All you should now need to do is to use ⌘V to paste the image where you want it.



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