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I'm very curious ... that Applescript looks so complex and long. Why not just use the terminal command:


date '+%A %B %d, %Y' 

to output the date in the exact format you want?


Yes, while this does accomplish much of what the script does, the extra lines are for particular formatting (adding the "rd" or "th" after the day number) and adding the + and - num functionality. I'm sure I could shorten it up - but I wrote it out so that I could mess around with each variable.


For instance, the lines where I output the date as a string I have as 8 lines and I could easily shorten to 1 line. I just did this for formality.

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As in the week of the year? Please give me an example and I'm more than happy to make this for you.

Today is the 29th of April and the start of week 18 which will last untill the 5th of May. Then next week is week 19 and so on and so forth :)

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