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Alfred not working properly after enabling sync with Dropbox


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I keep having issues on my Mac after re-installing Alfred on my previous macbook pro. Hotkey was working perfectly at first then I wanted to add the syncing folder and hotkey is not working. It keeps using the default hotkey Option + Space instead of the one I have on my Mac Cmd + Space.

I tried to delete the app and all the following files:

~/Library/Application Support/Alfred
~/Library/Saved Application State/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-Preferences.savedState


Then re-install the app again but it keeps bugging when I add the syncing folder.


I have issues with snippets and clipboard too. They're not working even though everything is activate


Need help please.


Using Alfred 5.5 Build 2257

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@cocobriclot Could you please let us know the path to your preferences? (You'll find this in Alfred's Advanced prefs) 


If you open Finder and find the folder, right-click and ensure that it's set to be available offline.

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