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Copy File to Clipboard not showing up in Workflows

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Trying to setup a workflow where pressing enter would copy the file to clipboard. I know this can be accomplished via Universal Actions but I just want to press enter on the results and have it be copied to the clipboard. 


The `Copy File to Clipboard` doesn't show up in `Action in Alfred` and neither in Automaton Tasks (if only has Copy Image to Clipboard). How can I accomplish this?








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I think the relevant question, in the context of your question, is: what are you trying to do with the file once you've copied it to the clipboard? Maybe once we understand that someone can give you a more useful answer.



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I didn't mean to have it as default file on search result. I just want an object that works the same way as Copy Image to Clipboard, but for all files. So when an image (or or it's path) is passed, it copies it to clipboard.

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