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Unable to install Automation Tasks

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I'm using 'Build 2257, Monday 18th March 2024' on Sonoma 14.4.1 (23E224) and when I attempt to install Automation Tasks I get this error: 'failed signature check'.


Any suggestions as to how I can work around this?



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I confirmed with 95%? certainty that our IT department is not blocking anything with the install. I also searched my default and system keychain lists for alfred and github and found nothing.


Is it possible to install manually? Any help would be appreciated. Most of alfred and the workflows feature are working properly, but I'd love to get the full functionality out of my license.

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@Brandon Faloona could you please type ?diagnostics into Alfred and email the exported file to our main info@ address, I'd like to see if Alfred has actually been able to download the tasks himself.


This should hopefully allow me to provide a solution, otherwise I'll reply with instructions to install the tasks manually.




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