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Selecting action (with enter, for instance), Doesn't do anything

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I just started using Alfred again after having left it for a long time.  I am just starting to use what I think are workflows, but maybe are built in actions (for example, "send an email") and when I try to select it, either by clicking or by pressing enter, nothing happens.  The option still stays on the screen but it is as if I didn't press anything.  Any idea what is causing this?  

Alfred problem.gif

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The subtitle reads "Type a name or email address to send an email". When you start typing, you should see options from your contacts to send an email to.

If the email function (built-in action) provides the pattern, then the other functions or perhaps workflows you're trying to use will require additional input.

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I can't remember exactly how I fixed this. I think it was missing some permissions.


Comment to team: Probably would be better if Alfred could detect that and let the user know (it could have definitely detected that I was clicking on the item).

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