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Retain User Input After Deselecting Alfred Window

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Hello Alfred Team,

I am a frequent user of Alfred and appreciate its efficiency and robust capabilities. However, I've encountered an issue related to user input retention that affects my workflow, and I would like to discuss a possible improvement.

I often use the search utility as a calculator during my daily tasks. My typical process involves copying a number, using the search utility to start a calculation, then switching to another application to copy another number. This is where I encounter a significant difference between macOS Spotlight and Alfred.

With macOS Spotlight, if I click away or deselect the Spotlight search bar without pressing 'esc', the input remains intact. This allows me to return to Spotlight and continue where I left off, which is incredibly useful for continuing calculations with new data.

However, with Alfred, if I deselect the search window in a similar manner (i.e., by clicking elsewhere without pressing 'esc'), the previously entered text is cleared when I reactivate Alfred. This behavior disrupts the flow of adding additional numbers or continuing calculations, as I have to re-enter the data.

Could the Alfred team consider adding an option to retain the last input in the search bar until manually cleared or until the 'esc' key is pressed? This feature would greatly enhance the utility of Alfred for tasks involving multiple steps or data sources, similar to how Spotlight operates.

Thank you for considering this feedback. I believe this enhancement would benefit many users who rely on Alfred for complex workflows.

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8 minutes ago, vitor said:

Welcome @zachbear,


What you’re looking for is under Alfred Preferences → Advanced → History. Turn on both options.

Thanks a ton, I just changed the settings in Alfred as you suggested, and it works perfectly. Exactly what I needed! Really appreciate the help.

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