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Importing large .csv file of snippets

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I have been emailing with Vero, thank you. I am trying to upload a large file of snippets from aText to Alfred.

I have been given the workflows and I am very computer-literate, but this is confusing to me.

Do any of you have this written out step by step on exactly what I need to do, not just the pics of the workflows?

Thanks for your help.

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5 hours ago, kltjlt6458 said:

where do I choose my .csv file? 

As I said in my previous post:


8 hours ago, Stephen_C said:
  • select your CSV file using your Universal Actions hotkey; and
  • choose the Convert to Snippet Collection action.


You need to locate your CSV file in Finder and use your Universal Actions hotkey (it's ⌘/ by default—and you'll find the setting in Alfred Preferences → Features → Universal Actions under Selection Hotkey:). When you do that you can search the list that opens in Alfred and type "Convert” and you should see the relevant workflow highlighted. Simply then press . It really is as simple as that.



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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your reply, Stephen. I have tried to attach a screengrab of me doing exactly that, which I tried the first time you let me know as well. The file is 20seconds long and it won't allow me to attach it. So I have attached a screenshot. It won't allow me to add another, so I will do it in another comment.  
It does not find my file at all - it opens a URL, however when I use the spotlight search it does find it, but doesn't let me convert anything.

Is there a glitch or does this file need to be somewhere specific so Alfred can see it? 

I have about 7 .csv files I need to convert and they all have many snippets in them. 



Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 11.10.23 AM.png

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You have to install the workflow first of all. It appears you have done so but there is an update required (click on Update ⌘⏎) at the bottom right of the workflow window. The workflow should then appear in your list of workflows. Leave it there for forget it! (You don't add CSV files to it in the way you seem to be doing.)


Once you've done that you can close Alfred's Preferences so they don't get in the way of what you do next. Open Finder and navigate to one of your CSV files. Highlight that file in Finder (just with a single click on the filename). Now do what I said in my previous post.


Does that help?



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Thanks, I had already hit update about 12 times. 
I just went to one of my .csv files, highlighted it without clicking, then double clicked my cmd key which is my universal hotkey and it brings up the same search that I sent you in the screenshot. It will not find it. 

I think I will give up on this after just paying good money to Legendary and go back to aText. This is extremely frustrating and I have been using Alfred for years.

I lost all of my data through no fault of my own, so I am trying to get it back.

Why don't they just have an import function like any other app? 


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@kltjlt6458 just to chime in -- Stephen isn't telling you to trigger your alfred search but once your file is selected in finder, use the hotkey for your "universal actions." Your screen shot shows your are triggering you alfred hotkey for searching files. These are different hotkeys. It appears double tapping command is your hotkey to show alfred. This is not your universal actions hotkey.


Once you have selected you csv in the finder and triggered your universal action hotkey, which by default is "command + /" (with your csv selected in the finder) it should bring up a window that looks like this. In my screen shot I've chosen a gif file that was in my downloads folder and triggered the universal actions hotkey. You can then find you "Convert to Snippet Collection" action in the list.



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