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Strange Challenge with some Key Combo Dispatches

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23-Apr-24 - Update: It seems to be any key combo with left, right, up or down in it


I have created a simple workflow to help me remember a couple of shortcuts


They all seem to work except for:


⌃ ⎇ ←

⌃ ⎇ →


There does not seem to be any issue with the way it is setup and I see the dispatchers being called when the debugger is running


I have confirmed that there are no conflicts, and these shortcuts are indeed functional. (I even tried these with BTT and BTT has no issue in dispatching them)


Could anyone provide me with some guidance, or could this possibly be a bug?



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All seems to be fine:

[Dispatch Key Combo] Interpreted '⌃⌥→' as '→' with mod code 9175040 (using code 124)


Using the ability for the key combo to accept a string, you can see if even interprets the arrow correct as 124 which is dead on


I'm at a loss :(

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I've now resorted to a workflow that calls an apple shortcut to achieve this


The only issue is that something that should be fast now has the added delay of calling the shortcut


If anyone has any ideas on the cause of this issue, please let me know

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@Andrew i know this isn't in the bug forum but I was able to reproduce @gregzacola's issue. It appears using arrow keys in the arrow cluster don't appear to dispatch properly. I didn't set up that elaborate list filter (which is a cool way to learn some shortcuts), but did set up a simple keyword to trigger the keycombo. I then assigned it to an action in moom. If I use modifiers with any other key it will work, but if I assign modifiers to something in the arrow cluster it won't. Is this by design for some reason or a bug?

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