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Copy paste within Alfred search bar

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Dear Alfred Community, 


seems I can't copy/paste the text entered in Alfred search bar. Action I managed to do before, is there an update which took off this function or am I missing something ? 





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Copy and paste in Alfred's window work for me. What versions of macOS and Alfred are you using (please don't just say "the latest”!)?


Are you unable to select text in Alfred's window and then use ⌘C (for example)?



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I'm having the same issue. Alfred 5.5 [2257], macOS 14.4.1


I also noticed it before the 5.5 update, I don't remember what version I was running before but I specifically installed the update to see if it was fixed, but alas no.


What I've noticed is when the Alfred bar has focus and I hit cmd-V, the "Edit" menu of the otherwise-frontmost app (e.g. my web browser Arc or Chrome, Outlook email, whatever) flashes and the pasted text goes to that app instead of Alfred.


FWIW I see similar behavior in Spotlight search, so this may be caused by a recent macOS change?

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5 hours ago, richellis said:

this may be caused by a recent macOS change?

I don't think so because I'm using the same versions of macOS anf Alfred as you and do not have the problem.


Do you use any other clipboard utility on your Mac?


And…welcome to the forum!



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