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"File Exists" object - would be nice if it supported variables instead of only checking {query}

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2 minutes ago, luckman212 said:

I don't think the Automation Tasks can reference variables (yet) either.

You can certainly use a variable in the Path: section of the Automation Task to which I referred (as well as in a number of other Automation Tasks).



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Indeed, you can use {var:} in Automation Tasks.

As to the original question, you can also use the Inbound Configuration to set a custom argument to the File Conditional, which can also be a {var:}. I just noticed that screenshot is outdated, though, as it doesn’t yet show the Custom Argument option. I’ll get that fixed.

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Posted (edited)

Hmm that's (good) news to me! I tried putting {var:foo} in the AT configuration panel and it didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong, I will try again. Also, it's not mentioned in the docs that variables are supported...


edit: Hmmph. I just tried it again and yes, it works fine. Not sure what was going on earlier!

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I've used variables successfully in the Folder Contents AT, Abbreviate with Tilde in Path AT, Does Path Exist? AT, and Path Dirname AT…among others. So there's no inherent problem, I think.



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