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Call Skype (DTMF) - Easy conference calls with skype

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Dialing conference call numbers are annoying and the default Skype call will not obey standard pause character (',') to allow you to automatically connect to a conference calls.


This workflow allow you to do exactly that.




Install the workflow and go to Contacts in Alfred and add "Call Skype (DTMF)" as custom action for a Phone Number.




Now when browsing your contacts and press enter on a number a dialog will be shown verifying what will be called and then you can say yes or no. 


If you say yes, Skype will be used to dial the number.


For example: +41 2345678,,8765343# will dial +412345678 first and then pause for each comma (,) and send the rest.




http://www.alfredworkflow.com/#Call Skype (DTMF)


Github: https://github.com/maxandersen/Skype--DTMF-.alfredworkflow

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