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2nd computer not showing workflows

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I installed Alfred on a 2nd computer, and I've set the preferences folder through Dropbox. but it's not showing the workflows from my 1st computer. Also I don't think any of the settings have synced up. 

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@jckrn Could you please provide your Diagnostics file, which you can get by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred on each of your two Macs? You can then email it to our info@ email address so that I can take a look at your preferences details.

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@jckrn Taking a look at both diagnostics files, as far as I can see, they use the same set of correctly set preferences.


However, this doesn't give me any insight into whether the Dropbox folder is correctly set to be stored locally on both Macs, so this is still the most likely source of the issue.


I would suggest the following steps (I'll call your "good" Mac the primary one, and the problem one the "secondary" one)

  1. On your primary Mac (where you know your preferences are correct), take a copy of the full Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle somewhere safe before you start
  2. On the secondary Mac, set the sync folder to ~/Alfred (directly in your user directory, you'll be deleting this later)
  3. On the primary Mac, create a brand new Dropbox folder and set it to be available offline.
  4. On the primary Mac, In Alfred's Advanced preferences, set your sync location to this new Dropbox folder
  5. Let both Macs completely sync the preferences until Dropbox no longer shows any updates happening
  6. On the secondary Mac, go to Dropbox and set the folder to be available offline
  7. On the secondary Mac, in Alfred's Advanced prefs, set your sync location to the new one

See how you get on. Are your workflows and prefs now showing up on the secondary Mac?


All this does is create a fresh folder for your preferences, in case Dropbox got hung up on something.

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