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Case Converter (including Title Case) - now working on MacOS 12.3

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1 minute ago, Toffy said:

IMHO it makes more sense to let the converter treat acronyms wrong (and the user fixes it manually) rather than not doing anything at all.


Which is a valid and understandable preference, but from my anecdotal experience most title case converters disagree. I’ve researched these extensively as the vast majority don‘t do it quite right (because some capitalisations depend on context) and broadly they don’t mess with already capitalised text (exceptions do exist).


3 minutes ago, Toffy said:

If I understand it correctly, workflows doesn't touch words that are all Caps, right?


No, it has nothing to do with workflows, which can work anyway the developer makes them work. It’s not a technical limitation, it’s a choice by the creator.


As per above, you can work around it by lowercasing the text first then title casing. That will get you exactly the result. But if it worked as you suggest always, the reverse wouldn’t be possible. Perhaps that’s why most choose to have it this way.

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3 hours ago, albi55uk said:

How do I get this working with Ventura 13.6

Welcome @albi55uk,

What exactly is the issue? You haven’t explained how you’re trying to use it or what happened.


Think of it like going to a mechanic and asking “how do I get my car working on this road?”. We don’t know if you’re driving the car correctly or if there’s a problem you noticed. It’s impossible to help without details.


Make sure you read the Gallery page carefully to understand the proper way to use it, and if it’s failing look at the debugger and paste here the result.


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