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External trigger URL handler can't decode `+` signs

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When calling an external trigger with a URL handler `alfred://runtrigger/workflow_id/trigger_id/?argument=test%2B` and passing an argument with a `+` sign, it will always be converted to a blank space, even if escaped to `%2B`.


Alfred 5.5

macOS Sonoma 14.4.1

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Ah, I also ran into that problem a while ago. I dealt with it by base64 encoding the argument before calling the trigger and decoding it on the receiving end.

Here is a quick demo: https://transfer.archivete.am/yjrd8/Demo Base64 External Trigger.alfredworkflow


The shell commands:


echo -n "$1" | base64 
echo -n "$1" | base64 --decode


And I'm just noticing that there actually are Automation Tasks for that already, namely:

- Binary Encode Text > Base64

- Binary Decode Text > Base64

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