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Get recent files (updated Trickster integration with Alfred 5 and DEVONthink support)

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Hi, the developer of Trickster here. 

We've updated our old workflow to work that shows recently used files from Trickster in Alfred, with support for newer Alfred versions and now also for special support for items added from other apps (currently only relevant for DEVONthink, really), so items that you recently browsed in DEVONthink and tracked by Trickster can be opened back in DEVONthink.


The details of how it works and the download link for the latest version are in our blog post:



Thanks to Sebastian (a customer of Alfred and Trickster) for making the initial adaptation of the workflow for Alfred 5.



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@apparentsoft Thanks, this is the exactly what I needed.


Maybe this is not the approprioate place to discuss it, but it seems there is a bug in the devonthink smartrule, whenever I tried to open a new file, it shows corrputed applescript dictionary, thus files open in devonthink won't show in Trickster app. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not.



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A new version of the workflow (1.3) was now published to the same location.

Allows configuring the keyword and the maximum number of returned results in the workflow configuration. Plus minor bug fixes and preparations for submission to Gallery.

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