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Push the currently active app window to the left 50% of the screen

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Just thinking through this a little… What window might be on top other than the active app when you want to resize 50% to the left? (I'm sure there are many possibilities but I'm trying to work out the possibilities!)



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Actually for some reason this doesn't work for the Web Browser Arc. When i have "Little Arc window"  as the currently active window my automation moves the main app window that is in the background and not the mini arc window that is in the foreground and selected.  Any ideas when it doesn't choose the currently selected window?

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That’s probably not a standard window, and the code specifically only works with those because otherwise it could try to move things that you don’t want. For example, Safari’s Status Bar is a window as far as the system is concerned, but you’d never want to move that. Yet it’s not a standard window, so easy to ignore.


Arc makes several weird decisions. Its AppleScript support, for example, is incomplete and doesn't properly distinguish windows or index tabs.

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