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Seeking ideas for how to simplify choosing which branch Alfred will take (from a list)

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I keep building little multifunction utilities in Alfred. These first present a list filter and depending on the selection, will follow one of several branches in Alfred's node tree.


I have this one nuisance gremlin with this approach: In order to make it work I need to maintain a second list within a conditional node.  Whenever I want to add a new branch, I need to add it to the list filter, give it a unique arg, then reference that arg in the conditional and set an output title, rinse and repeat… it's a pain to maintain.


I'm wondering if anyone might have an alternative approach?


I submitted a feature request that would kind of combine the 2 into what I called a "list conditional", but it didn't seem to gain any enthusiasm / traction. As part of that request I put together a brief video which explains what Im trying to do (2:30 long)


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