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Alfred not opening folders in Forklift

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I've dumped Pathfinder as it keeps causing problems nd switched back to Forklift.  Forklift is set at the default file viewer, verified via Terminal.  Default Folder X opens Forklift by default, but Alfred defaults to Finder.  When I used Pathfinder, Alfred would open folders in it.  Any suggestions?  I can't seem to figure out File Actions as an option if Alfred can't use Forklift.

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3 hours ago, Tim_C said:

Same issue here.

My temporary solution is to create a workflow for opening folder with the script 


open -a "ForkLift" "{query}"


THANKS - I can't seem to get Alfred to pass teh "{query}" to Forklift.  I open Alfred, enter a query term, hit the hotkey assigned to the workflow and Alfred quits

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