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Alfred Clipboard History is not Working With WhatsApp

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Hi everyone,

When I copy text within WhatsApp desktop app, it doesn't get saved to Alfred's clipboard history, even though I can still paste it elsewhere, so, it's copying to the general macOS clipboard, but not to Alfred specifically.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions for a fix would be very helpful.



MacBook Pro 16" m1pro, macOS Sonoma 14.4.1
Alfred 5.5

WhatsApp 24.8.83

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I appreciate it's annoying when someone says "it works for me” but I'm afraid it does. 😀


I'm on macOS 14.5, Alfred 5.5 and WhatsApp 24.9.82 and if I copy anything from WhatsApp it does end up in Alfred's clipboard history.


Are you using any other clipboard manager on your Mac or any other small app which might be interfering? It may be worth checking that WhatsApp has not somehow ended up in the list of Ignore Apps: under Alfred Preferences → Features → Clipboard History in the Advanced tab.



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