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Scheduled move of files from desktop to folder

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Another one for all you Alfred geniuses. 


Throughout the day, my desktop gets cluttered up with various temporary files that I almost never need to use more than once. Screenshots, one-time-view documents, and so on. I'm finicky about keeping things tidy, though, so my current system is that I have a folder called "Desktop Archive" that ALSO lives on my desktop, and I drag-and-drop all the files on my desktop into that folder whenever I notice things getting cluttered. (The reason I have this folder is that every once in a while there will be something I do need to retrieve later ... sometimes important ... and I have plenty of storage space so it doesn't matter to me if the Desktop Archive folder gets huge over time.)


I'd like to set up an automation that moves all of the files on my Desktop into the Desktop Archive folder every two hours. It's fine if this doesn't run when my machine is asleep, and I don't care much about the down-to-the-minute scheduling. Any system that dropped the Desktop files into the Desktop Archive folder periodically throughout my working day would be fine with me. 


My question is: can I do this through Alfred? If so, any advice about how to implement? Thanks everyone!

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