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Multiple versions of same workflow

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I have multiple workflows showing twice within the Workflows view in the Alfred preferences pane (version 5.5 [2257] ). See attached screenshot (older versions have been deactivated).


This happened when I attempted to upgrade my workflows. Choosing Update from Alfred Gallery was not working (the UI loaded and went through the steps but the app was not actually updated). As a result, I deleted the older version and reinstalled the newer one manually using the button on the gallery page in my browser.


After installing the new version, the old version reappears. In fact, after installing any new workflow, the deleted workflows all reappear.


When I select a workflow and choose Open in Finder and attempt to delete the directory, I get this error:


The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found.
(Error code -43)


I'm guessing this error is the root of the problem with both the duplicates and the failure of the workflow update process.


I've taken a few very basic steps, including clearing the app cache, rebuilding the metadata index, deleting the spotlight folder, restarting Alfred, and restarting MacOS. I've also checked to make sure that my preferences were fully synced (in iCloud Drive) before and after deleting/installing workflows.


One thing I have not done is try to force-delete the old version using Terminal (rm -rf). I can try that next if needed.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 12.39.52 PM.png

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note that greyed out workflows are not active
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1 hour ago, Stephen_C said:

Have you also ensured they are available offline?




Also noticing that when I install a new workflow, it will install all the deleted ones, but only the older versions (not any newer ones I installed manually via the gallery using my browser and then deleted).


Perhaps also worth mentioning that I recently (a few months ago) transferred all my content to a new Mac using the Thunderbolt method.

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Another quirk, all the deleted ones also reappear when I de-activate any workflow.


Maybe there is some process that re-indexes the workflows directory on certain events and that's when it's re-indexing the failed deletions? I dunno.

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I suggest you try moving your Alfred preferences from iCloud to a local folder on your Mac and, for good measure, rebooting, to see if that resolves the issue. I still have suspicions about your preferences not being fully available offline.



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Ok, I copied the Alfred.alfredpreferences sync file/package to a folder on my Desktop. I reconfigured Alfred to use that copy, which fixed the issue with reappearing workflows.


I then deleted the older iCloud Drive copy, emptied the trash, and then copied the newer Alfred.alfredpreferences back into my iCloud Drive folder so I can continue to sync.


Somewhere along the way, I also force-restarted the Finder because I was unable to empty the trash. Not sure if that's related but worth noting.


Anyway, thanks, I think I'm good to go!

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I should add that it was something to do with iCloud Drive syncing, as diagnosed by @Stephen_C.


I hadn't realized that all those workflow folders are inside Alfred.alfredpreferences. Once I clicked into that via Show Package Contents, I saw that all the files said "waiting to update" even though iCloud was telling me everything was up to date.

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