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Export a workflow as a standalone app to share with my team who won't ever get Alfred

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Alfred is such a great tool for building workflows that I often wish to share with members of my team, however I know that Alfred in general is beyond them. I would be stuck configuring it and they wouldn't use 99.9% of it's power. But if I could export them just a workflow that I've made to make our process easier it would be insanely useful.


Giving them a hotkey, keyword filter and universal action workflow that just did what I'd built in Alfred would be incredible.




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While a "cool" idea; would be a bit cumbersome. since the coding needed to execute the "workflow" is within the Alfred application itself. And packaging applications for macOS isn't just a click-n-done process.

The workflow would have to be packaged as a standalone application that would require separate Xcode to be able to run independently, and have security permissions (like monitoring the keyboard for the hotkey, file permissions, etc) .. There is software on Windows that can do that, like AutoHot key, creating a .exe (executable) but that mostly in part to the fact that Windows is not as secure, and lets applications/software have free range to what it can access on a person computer. And AHK is such a lightweight program to begin with, when it creates those "exe" its bundling a large part of the AHK code within it, and uses a config file to perform the users define actions/flow.


You could probably just find a way to build the "workflow" in Apple's Shortcut app, then share that.. since Shortcuts is preinstalled since like macOS Monteray.

Additionally, there is the built in application "Automator" which supports workflows, folder actions, applications, etc.

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