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Aerospace Tiling Window Manager Extension for Alfred

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Speaking purely personally, I am significantly put off by this in the Aerospace ReadMe:


By using AeroSpace, you acknowledge that it's not notarized.

Notarization is a "security" feature by Apple. You send binaries to Apple, and they either approve the binaries or not. In reality, notarization is about building binaries the way Apple likes it.

Let's be honest. Tiling window manager is not something Apple will be totally ok with. Even if they approve one version, it doesn't mean that they won't revoke it (yes, they can do it), or approve further versions.

I don't have anything against notarization as a concept. I specifically don't like the way Apple does notarization. I don't have time to fight Apple.

Homebrew installation script is configured to automatically delete com.apple.quarantine attribute, that's why the app should work out of the box, without any warnings that "Apple cannot check AeroSpace for malicious software"


No doubt that's fine for some but…not for me, thanks. 😀


Edit: Not seeking to start a debate about this but just thought others, too, might wish to be aware.



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16 minutes ago, vitor said:

Welcome @gogamid,


Couple of tips for the workflow:

  • Workflow icons should generally be 256 x 256 px or higher.
  • Always prefer with input as argv over with input as {query} (relevant for the Run Script).
  • This seems like it needs a specific app and it’s command-line too in PATH. It would be useful to let users know how to get that, particularly the common-line tool.



thanks for the tips, i will consider those in the next release ✌🏼️

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