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Best way to use a snippet to show the snippet viewer?

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I've created a workflow that uses  ;; to show the snippets viewer, but to do it I've had to connect a snippet of ;; to a Run Script object with some Applescript that fires off my Snippet Viewer shortcut.


Is there a way to do it more directly, without having to assign a keyboard shortcut to the snippet viewer and trigger that keyboard shortcut?



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Yes. Use an Open URL Action with alfredpreferences://navigateto/features>snippets for the URL.

The alfredpreferences:// part is easy, but how do you know what the navigate part should be? Well, for that you use Alfred’s ? keyword (open Alfred, type ? then search for something) and search for what you want (in this case: “snippets”). If you ↩ you’re taken directly to that spot in the preferences, but if you ⌘C, you get that navigation path.

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