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Script Filter not opening when on the output of an Arg and Vars node

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Hi there,


I have a workflow I'm creating where I use two keywords, each aiming to set a variable. The goal is to control my computer's audio inputs and outputs using the keywords "ain" and "aout" (audio in, etc.). These keywords run a single script filter, which requires a variable set as: source_type=input or source_type=output.

- The "ain" keyword goes to an Arg and Vars node that sets source_type=input.
- The "aout" keyword goes to an Arg and Vars node that sets source_type=output.


Both Arg and Vars nodes then connect to a single Script Filter. This script uses the source_type variable to determine what to show by passing the variable to a command line argument. The workflow continues using the Script Filter's output.


I'm encountering an issue at the first part. If I connect my Keyword node directly to my Script Filter, it works as expected (I'm hard-coding the variable for testing, bypassing the Arg and Vars node).

- I type in the keyword.
- Hit enter.
- The Script Filter opens up with options.
- I select one.
- The workflow carries on.


However, when I place the Arg and Vars node between these two, it doesn't work as expected. The debug output indicates that the Script Filter runs and shows the correct JSON output defining the options, but it doesn't appear on the screen. When I hit enter on the keyword, the Alfred input window just disappears. Additionally, when I next try to invoke Alfred, it doesn't show the input box; however, invoking it a second time causes it to pop up and operate normally. It seems as though the Script Filter is running but not displaying visibly on the screen.


Attached is a visual of the workflow. Note that the "ain" keyword is hooked up as intended but is not functioning correctly. The "aout" keyword bypasses the Arg and Vars node, confirming that it works when directly connected.


All Keyword nodes and Script Filter nodes are set to "No Argument."


Thanks so much for any help.



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