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Currency Converter — Convert between different currencies

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Convert currencies via the cur keyword. Type a number to see all available currencies with their full name and code.


Type a currency code or name to filter.


Pressing ↩ on a partial match triggers the autocomplete. See all conversion targets when matching a unit exactly.


Type further to filter for target units. Connector words (“to”, “as”, “in”) are optional to help with readability.


  • ↩ Copy result to clipboard.
  • ⌘↩ Paste result to frontmost app.

Configure the Hotkey or use the Universal Action as shortcuts to convert results from Alfred’s Calculator, Clipboard History, or selected text.


Rates provided by Exchange Rate API.

⤓ Install on the Alfred Gallery | Source

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When reporting issues, please include your exact installed versions of:

  • The Workflow.
  • Alfred.
  • macOS.

In addition to:

  • The debugger output. Perform the failing action, click “Copy” on the top right and paste it here.
  • Details on what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen. A short video of the steps with the debugger open may help to find the problem faster.

Thank you. Accurate and thorough information is crucial for a proper diagnosis which allows me to help you better.

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