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Alfred crash when typing 'te'

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What you were doing when the issue happened: 

- Typing 'te' produces full alfred crash, requires 'kill process'

Able to replicate?

- Yes, 100% replicable 


Include the Alfred version & build number you are using 

- 5.5 (2257)


Include your macOS version

14.2.1 (23C71)


Tested disabling all workflows, problem still occurs. 

Happy to share diagnostic export if it's safe to in here.

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I cannot reproduce this running macOS 14.5. There is clearly something on your Mac that is intercepting the te keystrokes and you need to find what it is.


Are you able to type ?keywords te in Alfred's window and, if so, does that produce any helpful clue?


Are you using any other text expander type utility?



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@Skone Using the ?keywords te suggested by Stephen, can you see a workflow that is using this keyword?


Could you also please launch Activity Monitor, and when Alfred hangs, select it in Activity Monitor and run a Sample Process? You can then email your diagnostics and sample process to our info@ address. Please include a link back to this thread so that I can associate it back to this conversation.


You also seem to be on an older update of macOS Sonoma (from December), so it would be worth catching up with software updates.

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