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Alfred not disappearing nor functional when Mac goes to sleep

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Using Alfred 5.5, on M2 Macbook Air.


Consistent problem where if I have the Alfred window open (I'm often using Alfred file search and quick view at work), and then I let the display go to sleep, when the device wakes up the Alfred window is displayed. However, cannot interact with it, make it go away. Have to use activity monitor to quit Alfred and restart.


Happens very consistently. No screenshot as that would just be a blank Alfred window. Nothing interesting

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@shaman Could you please provide your Diagnostics file, which you can get by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred? You can then email it to our info@ address and I'll take a look at your configuration.

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@shaman Taking a look at your diagnostics, you're using Cmd + Space as your hotkey, so could you please try changing your primary hotkey and see whether you get the same behaviour? It's possible that Spotlight or another macOS feature that uses Cmd + Space in some way is interfering.


As a second possible trigger, what background apps are you running? Could you please try quitting every menu bar and background app other than Alfred, then see what behaviour you get? 


Finally, if you're not able to work it out, could you please create a completely new user account on your Mac temporarily? Launch Alfred, and go through sleep/wake again to see what behaviour you get. It'll help establish whether the issue is specific to your primary profile, or broader on your Mac.



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