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linkding Bookmarks - Search linkding bookmarks in Alfred

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I love Alfred's built-in Web Bookmarks feature, but the Safari and Chrome bookmark sources have gotten a little limiting for me. As a user of multiple browsers, I found the self-hosted linkding to be a really useful alternative for managing bookmarks. This workflow draws from Alfred's built-in bookmarks feature, instead syncing with linkding and adding some additional cool features! This is definitely a niche way to manage and use bookmarks, but I hope other people find it useful too!


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Workflow icon linkding Bookmarks



Search for your linkding bookmarks using the bm keyword.

Type to refine your search. Bookmarks are always filtered by title, while filtering by description, URL, and tags is configurable from the Workflow’s Configuration.


  • ↩: Open bookmark in primary browser
  • ⌘↩: Open bookmark in secondary browser
  • ⌘C: Copy bookmark URL
  • ⌥↩: Edit bookmark in linkding
  • ⌃↩: Delete bookmark from linkding

Append :: to the configured Keyword to access other actions, including manually reloading the bookmark cache. You can also change the default browser settings from here without using the Workflow’s Configuration.

Enable bookmark auto-updates from the Workflow’s Configuration. Bookmarks will reload upon Workflow Trigger. See a timestamp of the last successful reload from the other actions as shown in the image above.

Configure the Hotkey as a shortcut to search for your bookmarks. Use the Universal Action to bookmark URLs from Alfred’s Clipboard History or selected text.

Bookmarks with the tag Exclude-Alfred will be hidden from search. This tag is case sensitive.

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This looks great but I can't get it to work. I input my linkding URL and my token. I don't understand how to install jq if I don't already have it. Their website doesn't really explain it, unless I missed something.

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