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Open Hard-Coded URL Directly From Hotkey Combo?

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This may seem like a silly question, but I have searched all over for a clear answer to this and I can't seem to find one.  Is it possible to simply press a hotkey combination on the keyboard and have a particular URL open in the default browser?  Seems really simple, but I can't find it anywhere and I need to know if this is going to work before I commit to using Alfred.


I'm trying to replace Quicksilver with Alfred.  I like to be able to key a key combo and type a search and have that search open in my browser -- that works great.  But I have a bunch of Quicksilver triggers that just open a specific URL when a key combo is pressed.  No prompt, no typing, just keyboard shortcut directly to web page.  Not a selected URL, not a clipboard URL, not a recent URL, not a favourite - a hard-coded URL.


Example: I press CMD-Option-M on my keyboard and https://mail.google.com opens in my default browser.




Thanks in advance!

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Provide example.
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1 hour ago, Stephen_C said:

Welcome to the forum.


What you wish to do is very easy to achieve in Alfred. Start with a Hotkey Trigger and connect that to an Open URL Action containing the URL you wish to open.



Do I need to purchase Alfred in order to do that?


Also, I'm just getting started... can you provide some step-by-step starting points?



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@Daave Yes, hotkeys are part of the broader Workflows feature, part of Alfred's Powerpack. With Workflows, you can create actions as simple as the one you described, or use advanced workflows such as the ones shared in the Alfred Gallery: https://alfred.app


There are two types of Powerpack licenses; The Single User license, which is valid for the current major version of Alfred (5.x), and the Mega Supporter license, which is a lifetime license where you purchase once and get all future major versions for free. :) You'll get access to tons of excellent features like Clipboard History, Snippets, the aforementioned workflows, and much more!


You can grab a license here when you're ready:




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Thanks again for the helpful responses.  I have been working with workflows for a few days now and find them incredibly powerful.


As a little feedback in case anyone is listening, I would like to point out that it's very difficult to understand how Alfred works when you don't have access to a licensed version of the powerpack.  It actually took me years to decide to buy the powerpack.  I would get interested, do some searching for what exactly is possible, get bored/frustrated trying to find clear answers, and move on, not to return for months.  The fact that Alfred is so powerful and flexible is the very reason why it's sometimes hard to put into words exactly what you want it to do.  Perhaps the Alfred folks should consider offering a free trial for this reason.



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