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Problem when using "call external trigger" in Direct mode when multiple trigger keywords defined e.g. `foo||bar` and Inbound mode==Keyword

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Let me know if this isn't clear, and I can upload a test workflow


But, if you have let's say a Script filter, with trigger keyword foo||bar and then you define its inbound configuration mode to be "Keyword", when calling that function using Call External Trigger, the input will be populated with the literal text `foo||bar` which naturally does not work. It should ideally reuse the trigger word that originally started the workflow. If that's not possible, then at least just the first keyword should be chosen, rather than the literal a||b.







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Reusing the original keyword isn’t really feasible because there might not be one. After all, that is called like an External Trigger so the call can come from anywhere, even from inside the house; er, I mean, from outside of Alfred. But the point is certainly valid and stripping to the first keyword makes sense. Good catch. Tracking this internally.

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