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1password, 2FA, and bookmark workflow

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Hello. I am new to Alfred and Powepacks, but I am already a big fan.

I have a situation that requires the following steps:

1) go to a bookmarked website

2) enter in a 1password username/password

3) wait a few seconds

4) get a 2-factor authentication from text message, paste it into browser

5) wait a sec for a webpage to load

6) click a specific button to launch a citrix based viewer

7) ask 1password for a username, paste it in. (this is in the citrix viewer, not a browser)

8 ) ask 1password for a password, paste it in  (this is in the citrix viewer, not a browser)

9) press a button  (this is in the citrix viewer, not a browser)


All of these steps (except 3, 5, 6 and 9) I know how to do with Alfred. I have the 1password and 2FA things installed and they are great.

What I want: a single workflow that does all this nonesense for me. It is not obvious to me that I can do so. But I am hopeful.

Is it possible?



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You’d have to redo them yourself. The 1Password workflow is functionally complex, it does a lot of things. It is possible but not trivial to extract functionality. 1Password has a command-line utility, which the workflow uses. It makes more sense to leverage that in your workflow. You’ll have to be reasonably comfortable with the command-line.

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