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Chathub LLM workflow with support for Anthropic, Gemini and others

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A chat tool that integrates multiple popular large language model (LLM) services, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Gemini, etc.


Download it here: https://github.com/xuyecan/alfred-chathub


Currently supports:

  •  OpenAI
  •  Anthropic
  •  Gemini
  •  Qwen


With the release of Alfred version 5.5, Alfred officially provided the ChatGPT Workflow(which is a great workflow), but it only supports OpenAI integration. When I installed and used it, my OpenAI API Key happened to be banned. Moreover, the ChatGPT Workflow is mainly based on JXA (JavaScript for Automation), which is difficult to extend(for me at least). Therefore, I rewrote it in Python and extended support for other LLM services such as Anthropic and Gemini. Now, introducing support for a new LLM service is very easy.


Hope this fork could help someone struggling to get an openai api-key, or the one just want to use the free gemini api-key. And of course, feel free to extend other LLM supports.

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Moreover, I finetune a little bit to improve the user experience.

1. Include the ongoing chat in the chat history list, so we can directly open any chat from the history page.

2.  Add two hotkey triggers, one for opening the history page, the other for opening the ongoing chat.

3. slightly adjust the layout format of the chat messages.


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  • vitor changed the title to Chathub LLM workflow with support for Anthropic, Gemini and others

Fantastic!  My API was no longer working when using the official workflow either.  I had so few requests and couldn't figure out why it froze.


Thank you for putting Chathub together.  Unfortunately, I cannot find it in the Alfred gallery.  I followed your Usage instructions but didn't know where to download/install the workflow.


I thought maybe I had to duplicate and edit Alfred's OpenAI workflow by integrating the Chathub files but I wasn't confident that was correct.


Could you please direct me?  Thanks

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