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Query OpenRouter Credit / Available Models

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Query OpenRouter Credit / Available Models

Download Here


Query your credit usage, models available and their prices on OpenRouter, right in Alfred


List available models, with their prices, context length:


Normally you will have to go to the API Keys page and Docs page to view these info:




Download the workflow from the Release page. Double click to install it in Alfred. 


You can skip this Setup if you just want to use the ‘List available models’ feature.


Fill the OpenRouter API Keys field with the keys and names of them you want to query. Seperate each name and key with :, seperate keys with ;. Like this: 

Key Name 1:Your Key 1;Key Name 2:Your Key 2

Click ‘Install’ or ‘Save’. 


Query API credit usage

Invoke the aiusageopenrouter keyword (configurable behind the ‘Configure workflow…’ button with the ‘Keyword for Querying Usage’ field), wait a few seconds and you should see your Credit usage by API key.


List / search available models

Search for available models hosted by OpenRouter by invoking the listopenrouter keyword (configurable behind the ‘Configure workflow…’ button with the ‘Keyword for Listing Models’ field) and type the keyword.


Or leave empty for all models:


Press return to copy model name. 


Requirements and dependencies

This workflows requires Python 3 and the requests package (included in workflow) to work.

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