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Moby Games workflow

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Search Moby Games in Alfred





  • Game Title
  • Release Platforms and Years
  • Cmd: Moby Games URL
  • Cmd+Shift: Official URL



  • keyword, for searching typed query
  • hotkey, for searching with selected text



  • keyword
  • API Key, with instructions





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  • 3 weeks later...

@gingerbeardman I have this one almost ready to add, there’s just a couple of details needed:

  • Are you able to provide a retina screenshot? If not let me know and I’ll try to reproduce.
  • The icon is smaller than the minimum 256x256 px. Do you have a larger one?
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I should’ve asked for you to mention me when done. I didn’t see the edit until now because I specifically searched for it. I have this almost ready to go, but I noticed a problem when testing. All of this information must be present:




Well, not exactly all of it, but at the very least the Placeholder Title must be there, otherwise users won’t get any feedback that the workflow even exists until it finished running. In other words, you can type moby yoyo and still see no indication the workflow is installed or running until two seconds later when the API returns and the results suddenly populate. It not being there also prevents users from ↩ on it when partially typing the name to make it bubble to the top.

The Please Wait Subtext is also useful to indicate when the workflow is contacting the API.


Also, it seems that ↩ and ⌘↩ have the exact same behaviour. Is that correct?


Finally, I noticed you have an extraneous script and Flickr icon in the workflow.

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