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App Launcher for Finder

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Is it possible to raise and focus the existing Finder window via keyboard shortcut (Alfred Workflows -> Launch Apps / Files) similar to how other apps can be launched/raised into focus?



I am using Alfred's Workflows -> 'Launch Apps / Files' to create Windows-style app launchers via hotkey combo. For example [hotkey] + [app launcher] opens or raises a new app into focus. (If the app is already open, then the app's window is raised and focused.) This works well for other apps I've selected from the Applications folder. Unfortunately Finder is not there as a stand alone app :(. 


As a workaround, I am using the open file/folder feature, but then I would always have to close the newly opened window and continue work in the previous one. (There is always a previous window with Finder / an existing session). Thanks!


Using Alfred 5.1.4

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