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Mail.app Automation to capture current email message URI?

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If you've used Things by Cultured Code, you may know it has the ability to capture the URI of whatever email has focus in Mail.app.  It ends up looking something like;  "message:%3Ca303321e-60dc-5Bb6-8f66-ef8e8a432ddd@atl2s33mta218.xt.local%3E".   And you can open that URI in Terminal and go directly to the message.


Now that Alfred Automations has the "Current Safari Tab" functionality, could we get one added for "Current Mail Message"?



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I agree that would be a cool automation task, but in the mean time this workflow in the gallery will generate links to the current message in markdown form. And if you don't need the markdown formatting you can just pick apart the applescript.

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