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Render latex math outputted by ChatGPT as math

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Most of my ChatGPT results include math formulas, either inline or on their own line. The first party ChatGPT workflow plugin doesn't render the math formulas provided by ChatGPT as math formulas regardless of whether they are inline or on their own line. This makes the workflow plugin unusable for me, which is a bummer because it's the best way to use ChatGPT.


I believe there are two issues here. First, Alfred itself would need to support the `$` and `$$` tags in markdown, similar to how Github markdown does. And second, the ChatGPT plugin would need to convert the `\(` and `\[` latex wrapping tags into `$` and `$$`. I believe this is how the ChatGPT website and app handle the issue, although I could certainly be wrong about that. 


For more information, examples, and images, please see the Github ticket that I opened under the Alfred openai-workflow project. They closed it because they said it needed to be implemented by Alfred itself.


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