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Problems with "Creating your own File Filter Workflow" article

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I'm a newbie to Alfred, and I'm trying to learn by following the "Creating your own File Filter Workflow" section at this link: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/file-filter/


I'm using Alfred 5.5, but I am unable to follow the steps in the noted section of the article. The screenshots don't seem to match what I'm seeing when following the steps on my own Mac. What am I missing?


Randy Stokes

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Ah, good point. In following the steps shown under the "Creating your own File Filter Workflow" section at the link in my prior post, I get to this point:




At this point, the image shown in the Alfred article and mine are the same, so I got that far without any problem, but after selecting the "File filter from keyword and open" are not the same. The Alfred instructional description shows this image:




My screen shows this image:




I can no longer follow the instructions as provided and don't know how to proceed to create this workflow/filter.



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Aha, thanks: that's helpful. You have to complete some details on the last screen you showed before you can start setting out the workflow. You need to complete the Bundle ID field (for a start, you could put something like app.alfred.[your name].[abbreviated name of workflow]). If you put your name in the Created By: field you should then be able to click on Create and proceed.



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Ah, it seems like the Albert instructions skipped a step in the images that confused me. I thought that clicking the highlighted action shown in my first screenshot would bring up the window shown in my second screenshot. Instead, it brought up the image in my third screenshot, which I had to complete as you suggested, which then created the workflow in the Albert Workflows in Alfred Preferences -- I had to then double-click the first item (labeled "File Filter") there, which created the window which was shown in the second screenshot above, where I could set things like keyword, scope, etc.


OK, the lightbulb has gone on over my head. Not only do I have a useful File Filter I can use in Alfred, but I've learned some important tricks to make Alfred work.


Thanks for your help!



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