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Differentiate Left and Right CONTROL ^ Keys

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In macOS keyboard setting, you can reassign the Caps Lock key to be a <kbd>RIGHT CONTROL</kbd>:




This allows you to use the Caps lock like a hyper key in the sense now right and left keys are differentiable. In BetterTouchTool this is the recommended way to enable hyper key like functionality. BUT sadly Alfred cannot differentiate pressing left or right modifier keys, it triggers for both. It would be great if Alfred could distinguish left and right modifier keys. 


In the meantime, is there a way to trigger e.g. Snippets or Clipboard managers with Applescript rather than depend on the Alfred keybindings? There is the search command where I could inject snip or clip:



But it won't go directly to the clipboard / snippet manager.

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My current workaround, BTT runs this applescript as an example to trigger clipboard manager using right-control+c:


tell application "Alfred 5"
	search "Clipboard"
	tell application "System Events"
		keystroke return
	end tell
end tell


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12 hours ago, sepulchra said:

@iandol I think this thread is what you are looking for.


Thanks for the link, however that URL opens the preferences for snippets not the viewer panel. For that person they ended up having to:


but to do it I've had to connect a snippet of ;; to a Run Script object with some Applescript that fires off my Snippet Viewer shortcut


I can't use a shortcut as Alfred doesn't support the right [^] key, so using the Applescript I posted above to trigger a search for the clipboard manager is still the only solution AFAICT. 


It may be a new feature request is in order: add some new URL handlers:


`alfred://runfeature/snippets` -- open snippet viewer

`alfred://runfeature/clipboard` -- open clipboard manager




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