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WHOIS Lookup - Perform a WHOIS lookup in Alfred

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Most existing workflows for performing a WHOIS lookup seem to be search wrappers for specific websites. Between the limitations of different sites and the degree of trust needed to use them, a more robust option seemed necessary. As such, I've created a workflow that performs WHOIS lookups with no external dependencies. Supporting both domains and IP addresses, it's powered by the built-in "whois" shell command and makes use of Alfred 5.5's new Text View! What's more, a text file can also be generated for extended viewability and searchability of data.


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icon.png.e795a97d17eb89a87d2b3272fcf3648b.png WHOIS Lookup



Perform a WHOIS lookup using the whois keyword. Type the domain or IP address you would like to query.

  • ↩: View WHOIS data in Alfred’s Text View
  • ⌘↩: View raw WHOIS data in a text file

The Text View will try to summarize important information at the top, then display the raw, unmodified data at the bottom. You can choose which information you’d like summarized in the Workflow’s Configuration.

Configure the Hotkey as a shortcut to perform a WHOIS lookup. Use the Universal Action to query URLs from Alfred’s Clipboard History or selected text.

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