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Superkey for Universal Action Selection

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Every (available) option of key combo's Ctrl-key Option-key etc work fine as a hotkey selection for universal actions. However, when I try to use superkey combo's (Ctrl-Option-Shift-Cmd-'key' does not work. 



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I don't have any issue setting up hotkeys with that combo. I've done it two ways -- i have one mechanical keyboard where I have changed capslock to that keycombo using VIAL. I've also used Karabiner elements to do the same on another keyboard. Both work. I use my capslock key (Ctrl-Option-Shift-Cmd) to assign that hotkey. how are you trying to do it?



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hmmm -- is it possible there is a hotkey conflict? I just changed my selection hotkey to 'hyper+G' and pulled up the universal action list with a selection in the finder. It works on my end. I'm running alfred 5.5 and OS 14.5

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After trying every combination without success and receiving no response, I switched it to double-tap shift, which resolved the issue. I will keep it this way for now.

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