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Clipboard History Extender — Backup and view Clipboard History text items

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Create an ever-expanding copy of your Clipboard History via the clipex keyword. A macOS launchd agent will be loaded to update it daily.



Search for archived Clipboard History text entries via the clipex keyword. Press ↩ to view the full text of an entry in a Text View.



  • ↩ Copy to clipboard.
  • ⌘↩ Copy and paste to frontmost app.
  • ⇧↩ Delete entry from the archive.
  • ⌘⌥⌃↩ Force archive update.

⤓ Install on the Alfred Gallery | Source

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When reporting issues, please include your exact installed versions of:

  • The Workflow.
  • Alfred.
  • macOS.

In addition to:

  • The debugger output. Perform the failing action, click “Copy” on the top right and paste it here.
  • Details on what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen. A short video of the steps with the debugger open may help to find the problem faster.

Thank you. Accurate and thorough information is crucial for a proper diagnosis which allows me to help you better.

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