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Edit images for web: Resize, crop and pad

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Every day I have to publish articles on the internet. That means, I also have to work with pictures, especially resizing, which gets annoying if it takes too much time. That's why I was looking for a simple way to resize, crop or pad an image with Alfred. This is the result:


This workflow uses an AppleScript by Herman van Boeijen which I found here.


You have 2 options to use this workflow:


1. You use the command "imgedit" + the name of the image or

2. You browse your files with Alfred, use the right arrow to show the available options and choose this workflow.


Here some screenshots to demonstrate the workflow a bit better:














Download the workflow here.

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Important note!

<Command + Option + \ > works perfectly with this workflow!

Select a few files in finder, press those keys, select this workflow, and continue as planned :)


Thank you 69wpm!

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this workflow sounds great. But it doesn't work for me. The dialog is appearing and everything seems fine. But the image isn't changed afterwards.


Any ideas?



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