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Bitcoin Exchange rate

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Bitcoin workflow allows you to quickly lookup the real time bitcoin exchange rate. 

Also can be configured to open links to your bitcoin pool website and bitcoin wallet app








Github: https://github.com/spudstud/alfred-bitcoin-workflow





- Adds query the mtgox api for current values

- Rewrote to use python xml library instead of xml string



Update 2

Commit: 1bd7683c4ab1c3c051256bc2523226f474c59558


- Bug where high value was shown instead of last value
- Typos in Comments

- Code comments to make maintenance easier
- spencer.py file which mirrors the actual workflow file
- Bundle Id
- Opens btcmine.com by default (instead of mining.bitcoin.cz)

- Bundle Id now identifies workflow
- Website now links to alfred forums post http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2219-bitcoin-exchange-rate/
- Alfred readme gives clearer instructions
- Opens btcmine.com instead of slush (because I switched off of slush)

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Great workflow! Thanks for creating it.

I'm a Brit and I'm having a few issues trying to get it work for me, I tried changing the url it pulls from to http://data.mtgox.com/api/2/BTCGBP/money/ticker and it failed to work. 

Can I ask how I'd go about setting it up to work with GBP? Apologies if I'm missing something obvious. It'd be wonderful if there were an optional argument where you enter a currency code and it pulls the data for that one.

Thanks again ^_^

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Pardon my delay in responding to you, I did not see your post.


This worflow queries  the json datastream located on mtgox's website




You'll have to find the mtgox datastream that has EURO's. and modify the perl script with that url. 




I found the Euro data stream.


You'll need to change:






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